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Artist Statement
Katherine Rodgers is a contemporary artist who began painting at the age of 13. She now paints primarily with both alcohol ink and watercolor. She adopted watercolor while studying the technique at the Glassell School of Art in Houston under Janet Hassinger. She has traveled the world and has found that it is the small things and special moments that she wishes to capture and share through her paintings. Initially, we might miss these special thoughts or moments she presents in her work however by incorporating the subject, the light and the paper she challenges the viewer to make what she sees relevant. She started watercolor painting in the last nine years and has used it to express what we see in our mind, the limits we have to translate it and the need to find agreement between the two. 

Additionally, she works with alcohol ink to create stunning abstract work under high-gloss resin. She is inspired by the earth’s vivid layers and its atmosphere. She she starts a painting, she has an idea of the colors and feelings she wants to evoke, but, just as day turns into night, the work evolves, telling a different story from where it began. Viewers tell her they see an ocean’s base, a night sky, a beach scene, or layers of the Grand Canyon in my work. Others describe it as cut stones, precious gems, cork, or storms. 

Katherine creates her abstract work on yupo paper, porcelain, and panels using a variety of the highest quality inks. Pieces completed on panels are coated with 2 to 5 layers of hand-poured resin. This process is tedious, messy, time-consuming & expensive, but the hi-gloss finish heightens individual colors and produces stunning results.

She has three children and is married to an Army soldier. Her changes in location have inspired her diverse subject matters. She currently lives and teaches watercolor courses in Herndon, VA.



katherine rodgers vale arts emerald locked
"Emerald Locked", watercolor, 22" x 12"

katherine rodgers vale arts crab
"Blue Crab", watercolor, 18" x 12"

katherine rodgers vale arts the brink
"The Brink", alcohol and watercolor inks, 14" x 24"