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Artist Statement
I began my creative journey during a time of intense personal upheaval. Through my immersion in art, I have experienced a profound sense of healing and restoration. In tandem with my artistic pursuits, I have been intentional about spending time in nature. The rich tapestry of forests, streambeds and rocks has inspired the patterns, hues and surface treatments of my mixed media paintings.

Creative expression is a vital part of my life. Mixed media painting allows me to tap into dreams, memories, hopes and desires.  Each piece is an experiment in color and texture. I know that a painting is working when I am able to lose myself in it.

Artist Biography
My journey to becoming an artist began during my 16-year stint as editor of the Northern Virginia-based arts magazine élan. I remember meeting artists who described coming to art later in life – what a revelation to discover that it was not too late for me! My conversations with artists and my exposure to art in our region awakened my own creative urges and gave me the confidence to begin taking classes and workshops in various mediums, including drawing, pottery, printmaking and assemblage. I was especially inspired by Jennifer Duncan’s mixed media workshops at The Arts of Great Falls and began experimenting with acrylic and alcohol inks. Once I found my “visual voice,” I focused on working in abstract mixed media and collage. 

Lately I have been more deliberate about entering group exhibitions and have been juried into a number of shows in the last year, including the 50th Anniversary Treasury of Art, sponsored by the Vienna Arts Society, as well as several shows at Tryst Gallery in Leesburg, Virginia. In November 2018, I mounted my first solo show, Peace Like a River, which featured works that reflected my reliance on the healing powers of art.

My art education is an ongoing process that I aim to continue via formal instruction as well as through conversations with fellow artists. As a member of the Vienna Arts Society, I enjoy the camaraderie of a talented group of creative souls who push me to exercise my visual voice. I am especially honored to be a guest artist for the Fall 2019 ValeArts Group Show. The journey continues.

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alice nodine vale arts Safety Zone
"Safe Zone", acrylic and ink on paper, 30" x 22"

alice nodine vale arts iris frenzy
"Iris Frenzy", acrylic on canvas, 20" x 20"

alice nodine vale arts Eclipse
"Eclipse", acrylic on paper on canvas, 10" x 10"